What can you do?

We want to make the airport a safer place. That is why we are carrying out more inspections and also why we are improving business processes. What can you do? 

You are an indispensable link in a strong chain. Not only to make everything run smoothly, but also to keep Schiphol safe.

As a Schiphol employee, you have access to restricted areas. This makes you a person of interest to criminals. Be aware of your vulnerable position. Remind yourself of what's at stake. In most cases, there's no turning back.

You are loyal and professional

• You are proud of your job

• You take responsibility

• You inspire your colleagues

Still, you can also do something unsafe without being aware of it: like posting something on social media.

You are honest and reliable

• You will not be bribed

• You do the right thing, even when nobody is watching

• You can look at yourself in the mirror

You are always alert

• You talk to your supervisor if you are approached with an unusual request

• You and your colleagues openly discuss any issues

• If you notice something unusual on the work floor, you report it right away

When in doubt, ask yourself

• Are your actions aligned with your morals?

• What else are you putting at stake?

• What's the next choice? What are you getting yourself into?

• What would other people do in your situation?

Seen or heard something strange?

As an employee, you are the eyes and ears of the airport to point out and report possible wrong doings. Have you seen or heard something strange? Do you know things that make you feel less safe at work? Or do you see risks you think you should actually discuss? Please report them, because it is the only way your employer can make sure that possible wrongdoings are resolved. You report for your own safety, but also to help make the airport a safer place.

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Report to your employer

Your employer is responsible for providing you with a safe place to work. One of the measures to ensure a safe place to work is your company's code of conduct. You can report to your own supervisor. Or you can contact the designated contact point or confidential advisor within your organisation. Each organisation has its own reporting scheme.

Report to Meld Misdaad Anoniem

Do you suspect that criminals are abusing the facilities at the airport?
You can report this by telephone or online at Meld Misdaad Anoniem. This is an independent organisation that protects your anonymity. Your personal details will never end up in a suspect's file. And as the person reporting you do not need to testify in court.

Report criminal offences at the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

You can also report a criminal offence or a suspicion of this at the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee uses the website of the Netherlands Police for this: Report a crime. Since the Royal Marechaussee deals with your report, it is not possible to follow it online. The report will be sent to your home address. If you have any questions about your report, you can contact the Royal Marechaussee customer contact center at 0800-18 14 (toll-free).

Let's keep Schiphol safe together

Schiphol has 7 million travellers per year and 1.72 million tonnes of cargo. The airport contributes a lot to the Dutch economy. But the airport is also an attractive place for criminal activities, such as organised theft or smuggling of drugs, people, luxury goods or money. Criminals abuse daily logistic processes at Schiphol, for instance through maintenance, catering, fuel supply, cleaning or baggage handling. These subversive activities have major consequences for the Netherlands.

For that reason Customs, FIOD, Haarlemmermeer municipality, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the Public Prosecution Service, RIEC Noord-Holland, KLM and Schiphol work together to tackle crime and abuse at Schiphol. A safe and secure airport is a benefit to us all.

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